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Business Team
Advised the founding partner of a new hedge fund on organizational design and staff management issues. Helped him adjust from being a rainmaker at a bulge bracket investment bank to being one of three entrepreneurs managing a hedge fund with approximately $6 billion under management.

Advised a senior investment banker and group head on staff management challenges during a reorganization. Focused on managing subordinates who had strong revenue-generating and technical expertise, but who lacked emotional intelligence, communication, and staff management skills.

Coached a group publisher at a major magazine publishing firm on staff management and communications. Helped her handle the new performance standards established by the new president of the company.

Coached the general counsel of a major entertainment firm on staff management issues and on his new compliance roles and responsibilities. Advised him on executive presence, internal networking, handling internal politics, and staff management.

Advised a CEO of a communications firm on staffing and organizational integration issues after a major acquisition. Helped him minimize turnover of key executives, create a unified and positive corporate culture, and reduce costs.

Advised the new COO of an Internet marketing firm on his new global responsibilities after he was promoted. Assisted him in board relations, executive presence, and in building a global management team.

Coached a director of a financial services firm on staff management and communications issues. Helped her improve her emotional intelligence skills and handle the legacy challenges of turnover in her group. Advised her on the political impact of these issues. She was promoted to managing director within a year.

Coached a partner at a Big Four audit firm to become a lead client service partner (LCSP), the highest rank of partner at the firm. Advised her on strategic planning, rainmaking, and communication skills. Advised her on handling the political challenges of being one of fifteen female LCSPs globally and the only female LCSP in Canada.

Coached the CEO of a New England-based construction firm on work/life balance and staffing challenges during a period of rapid growth. Helped him hire a COO and implement a new business plan. New initiatives helped triple revenue from $6 million to over $18 million in two years.

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