What is a recruiter?

A recruiter targets potential job candidates and evaluates applicants both by screening resumes and conducting interviews. The recruiter works directly with employers, to understand their staffing objectives and find their top match candidates. Recruiters may also work with new-hires and managers on contract negotiations, onboarding and training, or relocation. Paul Bernard will thoroughly filter applicants, verify their experience and skills, and ensure that successful candidate’s qualifications meet the job’s requirements.

Can’t I just use a computer or have employers recruit their own team?

Recruiters have a highly cultivated network, both of employers and potential candidates, across industries. Paul Bernard has seen what both employers and candidates are looking for, and which matches work. Employers have their own responsibilities, and likely can’t divert the necessary time and attention to the hiring process. Employers also lack the recruitment experience and training. Computers can’t interpret crucial aspects of hiring decisions, such as culture fit. This is best done with an in-person interview, where Paul Bernard can ask the right questions to get the right hire.

What if I don’t know what kind of candidate I’m looking for?

Recruiters can study the organization on-site, and can review management’s future plans and hiring objectives. Paul Bernard will meet with managers to discuss their organization’s needs and evaluate where there may be a skills gap. He can determine the applicant requirements by helping managers create a job description and qualifications. Paul Bernard will work with managers to assess which applicants’ knowledge, experience, and attitude best align what the organization is looking for.

How will companies benefit from a recruiter’s services?

Paul Bernard has extensive resources and skills in hiring, and can play as big or small of a role in the hiring process as employers’ see fit. Recruiters can spread good word of the organization throughout their networks, as well as place job ads in print or online. Paul Bernard can advise organizations on recruitment criteria, or he can take the process from start to finish: target candidates, review applicants, and conduct interviews. Recruiters can also onboard new employees, to see them through training and integration. Recruiters can work with HR to establish the best recruiting practices going forward.

How can individuals benefit from a recruiter’s services?

Recruiters can also work with jobseekers, to help figure out their next career move, what roles their skills, experiences, and preferences best align with, and what companies share their values. Paul Bernard can refer individuals to the best employment networks and online postings, as well as refer them directly to employers. He can also provide resume review, interview preparation, to ensure that applicants put their best foot forward.