Business Development
       and Rainmaking

Professionals must be able to sell themselves in order to sell their firm's services. This is true of accountants, architects, auditors, consultants, engineers, and lawyers. It is also true of financial services professionals, actuaries, executive recruiters, interior designers, public relations specialists, real estate brokers, and, increasingly, physicians. Professionals who are skilled at marketing themselves are known as “rainmakers.” Rainmaking training for professionals serves three purposes:

By developing the rainmaking skills of professional service firm senior managers, the firm increases its ability to sell more services and to compete in a competitive marketplace.
By assisting professionals in their career development, rainmaking training helps professional service firm senior managers acquire life-long skills. Rainmaking training also helps the firm retain talented professionals.
By providing rainmaking training, the firm can prevent “scenarios for disaster” in which talented professionals, never trained in rainmaking, are suddenly asked to sell as part of their new job responsibilities.

Paul Bernard & Associates can help professional service firms and their senior managers make the transition from merely doing and managing their work to also marketing and selling services.

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