Why Paul Bernard?

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Q: What is Paul Bernard's industry experience?
  A: Too often, a coach's industry experience does not mirror the executive's experience. Paul Bernard's experience is both broad and deep.

His industry background includes:

Professional Services (management consulting, accounting, and law)
Financial Services (investment banks, rating agencies, hedge funds, and insurance)
Media (public relations, search engines, online marketing, advertising, book publishing, magazine publishing, and television)
Information Technology and Telecommunications (software engineers, computer manufacturers, and infrastructure companies)
Health Care (hospitals, pharmaceuticals, and biotech firms)
Government and Not-for-Profit (social service agencies, arts organizations, and regulatory agencies)

Q: How can Paul Bernard motivate your company’s executives?
  A: Different managers have individual styles and needs. A good coach will understand what motivates the client and will develop an action plan to help the client acquire improved leadership skills.

Paul Bernard’s coaching process is a results-oriented and directed advisory process that helps a manager change, improve his/her skills, and face the challenges of a tumultuous workplace. He can motivate your executives to build their leadership development, staff management, strategic planning, and change management skills.

Q: Is Paul Bernard savvy enough to work with your executives?
  A: Knowledge is power in the new workplace. Make sure that your coach has the ability to provide expert guidance.

Paul Bernard’s clients have described him as smart, knowledgeable, resourceful, and creative. Working with highly intelligent clients at all levels is his specialty.

Major successes have included:

Advising C-level executives and board members facing strategic and regulatory challenges
Guiding newly appointed group heads and senior executives who suddenly find that they are managing other managers for the first time
Onboarding lateral hires who have entered an organization at a senior management level and who need assistance adjusting quickly to a company’s culture, values, and politics
Developing the skills of new managers who have never managed before
Building the management skills of senior scientists and technologists

Q: Can Paul Bernard help your executives find innovative solutions to complex business problems?
  A: Your managers face new business situations every day. The depth and breadth of his industry experience enables Paul Bernard to provide creative solutions to complex business problems.

His background includes advising senior executives on how to handle political issues, unexpected competition, board relations, and environmental or geopolitical challenges. Paul Bernard also has extensive experience helping executives create and implement new and effective strategies in a volatile economy.

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