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Paul Bernard is a highly respected executive coach with more than 20 years of experience advising executives on leadership development, staff management, strategic planning, communications, and work/life balance. His firm, Paul Bernard & Associates, provides cutting-edge executive coaching, onboarding, career management, and outplacement services to corporate, not-for-profit, and government executives. His work has been profiled in BusinessWeek, The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, and The New York Times, and on CNN and The Today Show. Before starting the firm in 1989, Paul Bernard held senior financial, marketing, and human resources positions in the financial services and publishing industries.

Paul Bernard has helped hundreds of executives become better leaders, improve their management skills, handle challenging office politics, and optimize their career choices. He has also helped numerous organizations reorganize themselves to compete in an unpredictable, post-credit bubble economy.

Services include:

bullet point Executive Coaching
Paul Bernard & Associates' executive coaching programs help executives adapt to a changing workplace and become flexible and resilient enough to compete in a rapidly shifting economy.
bullet point Outplacement
Our customized 21st Century outplacement services help executives market themselves, resourcefully and effectively, after a job loss or downsizing.
bullet point Onboarding
Paul Bernard designs specialized programs to help newly hired senior executives make a smooth, rapid, and successful transition into a new industry or company.
bullet point Career Management
Our career management programs help clients take a pro-active, rather than a reactive, approach to managing their most important asset — their careers. Services include:
bullet point Long term career strategies for a challenging economy
bullet point Networking and interviewing "do's and don'ts"
bullet point Optimal ways to answer ads, work with recruiters, and use the internet
bullet point Completing the campaign — due diligence before accepting a new position, including salary negotiation and work/life balance issues
bullet point Adjusting to office culture and handling office politics
Paul Bernard is a regular contributor to Next Avenue, a new PBS system website designed to reach America's booming 50+-year-old population.
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